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I grew up the oldest daughters of a farmer.  Now that I look closer, Eve was the daughter of a farmer also. Genesis 2:8 says, Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden;  That’s what farmers do; plant.  My daddy planted rice, cotton and soybeans and Eve’s father…well He planted The Garden in Eden.  Quite a difference! xbvqmhyrxh_1418865670585

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The Hiss of Deception

Breath On Paper

This week we kick off a new series on the women of the Old Testament.  We begin with Eve as our featured lady of the week.  We pray it will bless you the reader as much as it has us.

imageWoman was God’s last and most beautiful creation. Eve, who was the first woman, had everything going for her. She lived in Paradise with God in His presence every day. Her husband adored her. The world she lived in was perfect in every way. She did not know what it was like to feel pain, sorrow, hurt, grief or shame. She never knew evil until that fateful day in Genesis Chapter 3 when she listened to the serpent’s hiss of deception, and the seed of doubt was planted in her heart. She was deceived and ate from the tree God said not to eat from, and nothing in her world…

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