With Every Fiber of Our Being



Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

Yesterday I started my month of love blog posting with a scripture to remind us of how much God loves us, so it seems only fitting that today we should look at how God wants us to love him. Mark 12:30 tells us just that….that God wants our all.God wants us to love him with a complete and pure love. He wants us to love him with with every fiber of our being.

Today I have been meditating on this verse and I must confess that in searching my heart, I am convicted that I cannot say I love God with all my heart or all my soul, with all  my mind or all my strength. As much as I try to prioritize God in  my life, there are many times when what I am actually doing is fitting God into my busy schedule. I think of all the things that I love (not bad things, just things in addition to God), like my family, how I serve in church and my hobbies and I ask myself “Have I prioritized these other loves above God?” Truthfully I must confess that there are times when I do not give God the supreme place in my heart that He desires and deserves.

Do I love God with all my soul? I am not sure I really even what that would actually look like. If our souls are made up of mind, will and emotion, then do I love God with all my mind, will and emotion? How often is my mind focused on details of the day or things I want or plans I need to make? I feel the answer is too often. I think of how often when reading my Bible, my mind wanders to my to do list. Am I intentional enough about my devotion to God to say that I love God with all my will? Today I have barely even had (or made) time to pray.

Do I love God with all my strength? While I do not know what a Bible commentary would say about this, it makes me think of how much effort I put into loving God and seeking more of Him. I ask myself have I put as much effort into seeking God as I have my job or my family? Where does my greatest effort go? These are the questions I have asked myself today. It has been a soul searching kind of day. While I do feel convicted, I feel no condemnation. Rather I am ever thankful for a God who loves us with an unconditional everlasting love. He loves us knowing we are human and will fall short time and time again. We can never reciprocate the love He has for us, yet He continues to love us with grace and mercy despite our sinful nature.

I am thankful that God  is a good father who convicts us gently and lovingly. Although I will always fall short of the full measure of loving God with every fiber of my being, it is my heart’s truest desire to continually grow closer to God becoming more of Him and less of me. I am a work in progress. Tonight as I lay my head on my pillow and pray my goodnight prayers I will as always thank God for his love, but I will also ask God to search my heart and show me the areas that need to be in submission to Him. I think I may need to be a better steward of my time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on today’s love verse. I hope you find it encouraging. What does this verse mean to you? Does it stir anything your spirit? I would love to hear your thoughts.


We Love Because He First Loved Us

I recently started writing for Breath on Paper blog with some truly amazing and talented women and writers. Their influence has already challenged me to more wisely steward the gifts God has given me. So this morning as I was showering (where I do a lot of praying and thinking) and praying about our topic for this week, which is love, I thought that since it is February and the month many people think more about Love, I would write a daily post about love during the month of February. I will focus each post on a scripture that speaks to me about God’s love for us and how we are to love one another. I will be writing straight from the heart, no editing or planned posts…just writing as God puts it on my heart to write. Grace for mistakes along the learning curve of Blogging is much appreciated 😉 Thank you for taking the time to read my very first entry.

The scripture that immediately  comes to heart is John 3:16 which tells us that God loved us so much that He gave his only son as a human sacrifice for us, for our atonement if we only believe in him. We have life because Jesus gave his life for us. Pause here for a moment and let this truth settle into your heart….really feel what it means. I remember hearing this verse all my life growing up. It may even be most memorized and quoted scripture of all time. But do we really appreciate the full depth and spiritual significance of this promise? I think maybe  because this verse is so well known, memorized and quoted that its message has become dilute or treated in a casual common manner. This makes me sad. I must be honest and confess that I have taken this gift for granted and not lived every day in full awareness and appreciation for such a grand gesture of love that God has so generously given to each one of us.

There are times (mostly during certain worship songs) where this reality hits me in a wave of emotion so great I can not help but to weep at the thought of Jesus suffering on the cross for me. I am no longer able to sing; I can only sob and think that even as unworthy as I am God gave his son to die for me and Jesus, knowing his purpose on earth was his ultimate death on the cross still chose to die for me. God’s love for us is unfathomable by our human brains. I think of my own children and how much I love them and while I would die for them without reservation, I can not even imagine sacrificing one of them to save another. This I could not do, but is exactly what God did for us.

Today I am going to meditate on this scripture and thank God for His love for me. I praise God that that He shows His love for me every day in so many ways that I don’t even recognize. Today, I choose to bask in the unconditional, ever present, all consuming love that God has for me. I pray that you will  do the same. God loves you so much that He gave His only son for you. Today I choose to think only of His love for me….that is more than enough and all that I need. Today and every day I will choose to be a better steward of the gifts God has given me because He loves me that much and has great plans for me to honor Him with the gifts He has given me. I will close today’s post with this thought (not my own, but something I read that has stuck with me). I aspire to live my life in a such a way to gain for the Lamb the reward of His sacrifice. 

God loves you so very much! You are His precious daughter. I pray that you will have greater revelation of the love God has for you and that your heart will be receptive to all that God has for you.

Much love and blessings to you,

Tracey —